Friday, May 16, 2014

Moss Mountain Farm Is Located in Little Rock, A Scenic 30 Minute Drive from Rosemont Inn and Rosehaven Cottages

Our onetime neighbor, P. Allen Smith, began his professional career in the Lewis House, just five blocks from Rosemont.  His early television programs were broadcast from this house and most of the photos in his numerous garden books were shot here.  When his heart's desire was realized and Moss Mountain Farm became a reality, Allen abandoned urban life and became a full time "farmer".  As with everything else Allen does, he redefined farm life giving it the urbane edge that personifies the man.

Many of our guests are also visitors at Moss Mountain.  We seem to have enough things in common that Allen's guests enjoy staying at Rosemont Inn, a fully restored 1880 farmhouse, and at our historic Rosehaven Cottages.  We encourage guests to add a day at Moss Mountain Farm to their trip plans. It is a working farm growing produce and producing farm fresh eggs, all of which are sold to local grocers, and the eggs often finds their way to our breakfast table.  P. Allen Smith made his reputation with flower gardens and this talent is evident throughout his property. You will be enthralled by the beautiful flower gardens, poultry and livestock, vast vegetable gardens, and treated to lunch prepared from Allen's own cookbook recipes (I also own this treasure of a cookbook!). Take a look at Moss Mountain for yourself

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