Saturday, February 15, 2014


Fergus is one of our favorites.

Pet Friendly means at lot at Rosemont Inn and Rosehaven Cottages.  We don't just "accept" we welcome  pets.  Several of our pets are regulars ... just like their parents.  Sue and Rodney never leave home without Sweet and they don't have to.  Cindy, a business traveler, has her two Shitzus on most trips and they love to come into my private quarters and harass the cats. And then, there is Fergus who loves a long, lazy afternoon nap.

Gardener's Cottage Gated Balcony
We have lovely green space where the "kids" can roam and romp.  Two cottages have private, fenced gardens, and the Gardener's Cottage has a balcony-porch with a locked gate that lets dogs go out but never run off.

Hayward Cottage Fenced Garden
 Plus, we have a first floor guest room at the inn for guys and gals who no longer do stairs and there are two large guest rooms for big babies who need a little extra room.

Bring the "children" and come stay with us ... we're always here.

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