Saturday, January 30, 2021




At Rosemont we think every month is a good month for romance but February does have a unique aura … a cachet that says INDULGE! So, we too are celebrating. 

Come when you can and choose the cottage that has the most appeal for you.  Each cottage is unique with features all its own.  What they have in 

common is privacy, safety, luxury, comfort and the timeless charm that only a historic property offers. 

Love stories have been swirling around Rosemont for years assuring a
n incredible vibe for our guests. 

Add an extra romantic touch with the Lovers Only package: Roses, Rose Petals, Godiva Chocolates, Candles Champagne and Breakfast in your cottage. 

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Candles and a chilled bottle of Champagne may be more to your taste.  

For the romantic who brings their own touches we can add Wine or Champagne, Candles and the Breakfast of your choice.  If you truly want to indulge ... our Spa Package is for you!

Carve out some precious time for yourself to celebrate the romantic in you or a getaway with your special “other”. If you can't make plans right now, consider a GIFT CERTIFICATE so you know that Rendezvous with Romance is waiting for you.  

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