Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Zin Urban Wine Bar in Little Rock's River Market is Both Trendy and Comfortable Making It a Favorite for Rosemont Inn & Cottage Guests

Troy Deal mingling with a bunch from Rosemont Inn and Robinwood B&B.
Zin Wine Bar opened about three years ago with its decidedly upscale, sophisticated interior, breezy customer service style, perfect nibbles menu, and one of the best wine lists in Little Rock.  What's not to like! Obviously nothing because Zin was virtually an overnight success.  Troy Deal is the hands-on partner who has so successfully set the personality and tone of the bar and built the enviable wine list.  His partner, Michael Puckett, is one of the city' best known graphic artists who has put his contemporary creative touch on the d├ęcor and the ambiance.  Together they pull guests back time and time again.

There are the regulars who come in and take a seat at the bar ... I'm reminded of Cliff and Norm from the old Cheer's sitcom but better dressed; the big groups who gravitate to the back of the bar where they have the impression of being a private party; and, the casual drinkers who prefer the couches.  I just like a table by the door so I can watch the downtown street scene.

Zin is whatever you want it to be.   You can make an evening of it with a couple of substantial snack trays, stop off on your way to dinner for that extra evening out flair, have a quick glass or two after work, or end the perfect evening with the perfect bottle of wine.  Check it out ... Zin Urban Wine Bar.

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