Thursday, September 19, 2013

Main Street in Downtown Little Rock

A lot is going on in Downtown Little Rock, especially on Main Street.  The latest addition to the bustling area is South on Main Restaurant.  The upscale, southern cuisine is unique, a little pricey, and decidedly delicious. The space is an

Community Bakery-Café
old warehouse with a bar right out of a western movie.  Wide, floor-to-ceiling windows open on to the urban scene of South Main.

Already doing a booming business are the Root Café, Boulevard Bread Bistro, Community Bakery & Café.  These neighborhood restaurants are where the locals eat. All three have outdoor seating and a lot of guests choose them because they can walk from the inn & cottages and their dogs are welcome outdoors.
Main Street is gloriously landscaped and nowhere on the street is quite as wonderful as the Bernice Sculpture Garden. It is an intimate public area that is used for events such as the twice monthly Vintage Market and the Sunday Farmers Market.  Just down the street is the Corner Green Store filled with eco-friendly and artisan items of every description. It is home to the notalgic ice cream fountain that is wonderfully tasty ... pull up a stool and have an ice cream cone.

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